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The moon landing was faked

185 votes · 8 months ago

Wearing a T-shirt with a startup or .com logo on it is almost no different a statement than wearing an Exxon or Goldman Sachs T-shirt.

19 votes · 7 months ago

If I'm not going to buy anything, I might as well use Adblock.

28 votes · 7 months ago

Basic income will *never* be implemented in the United States.

23 votes · 7 months ago

men should have some level of control over abortions.

17 votes · 8 months ago

I'm liberal-leaning but support voter ID laws.

13 votes · 7 months ago

Ivory crushings / destroyings make no sense

11 votes · 7 months ago

People who complain about online "sharking" would do the same thing if they got the chance.

11 votes · 7 months ago

There is nothing wrong with Overwatch's Summer Olympic crates.

9 votes · 7 months ago

Donald Trump suggested his supporters might assassinate Hillary Clinton or her judicial appointments

10 votes · 7 months ago

For self-protection we should use weapons that incapacitate (tasers, tranquilizers) instead of guns that kill.

11 votes · 7 months ago

Giving women the right to vote was a mistake and not sustainable

12 votes · 7 months ago

Race is a biologically meaningful category

9 votes · 7 months ago

Taxation is theft.

11 votes · 7 months ago

Cantonese should not be treated as a dialect of Chinese

7 votes · 7 months ago

I think there is nothing wrong with politicizing a tragedy.

9 votes · 7 months ago

Amway is a scam

4 votes · 7 months ago

Pineapple is a valid Pizza Topping

17 votes · 7 months ago

Screenwriters deserve far more credit for films than they get, directors deserve less

9 votes · 7 months ago

Sports should only be in the Olympics if winning Olympic gold is the pinnacle of that sport

20 votes · 7 months ago

In women's basketball, the hoop should be lowered.

15 votes · 7 months ago

Left-handed children should be taught to write top-to-bottom, right-to-left with characters (and paper) rotated clockwise 90 degrees.

5 votes · 7 months ago

Arguments in favor of increased gun control coming from the direction of "saving lives" are flawed

12 votes · 7 months ago

I should not change the way I make me employees work because they complain about it.

8 votes · 7 months ago

The internet *doesn't* majorly change how modern humans think or process information

14 votes · 7 months ago

You should change your view if your reasoning has been disproved and can no longer support your statement.

14 votes · 7 months ago

Comics Sans is just a font and the hate it receives is irrational and overblown.

21 votes · 8 months ago

In America circa 2016, the influence of money in politics threatens national security

8 votes · 7 months ago

Autism is not being caused by vaccines.

11 votes · 7 months ago

Japan's emperor should be allowed to abdicate

11 votes · 7 months ago

The economic policies espoused by Paul Krugman (and others) are evil.

4 votes · 7 months ago

I think offering exclusive miniatures for board game Kickstarters hurts the fans of the game the most.

9 votes · 7 months ago

waiters should not be the crucial step in preventing allergic reactions

11 votes · 7 months ago

Highschoolers should be able to pick their own classes

10 votes · 7 months ago

Religion cannot be compared to fairytales

18 votes · 8 months ago

inspirational quotes and sayings on Pinterest (and the like) amount to indiscriminate fluff. Delusional validations even.

13 votes · 8 months ago

An Israel-Palestine peace settlement will only be reached if Palestine is willing to make concessions

13 votes · 8 months ago

There is no logical reason why I should care about the well beingood of other people.

9 votes · 8 months ago

Korryn Gaines deserved to die

4 votes · 7 months ago

Unconditional love is at best irresponsible and at worst impossible.

10 votes · 8 months ago

The majority of the PC Master Race are hipsters who go around bullying people for liking mainstream consoles

9 votes · 8 months ago

Nuclear power is the future, and most people who oppose it are misinformed

11 votes · 8 months ago

Oil companies like ExxonMobil aren't doing anything morally objectionable

8 votes · 8 months ago

Subjective aspects of sports (define "sports" as broadly as you wish) should be eliminated as much as possible.

5 votes · 8 months ago

I Cannot Think of Any Convincing Reasons Why Eating Meat is Ethically Justifiable

5 votes · 8 months ago

A corporation that requests tax breaks and subsidies from a government should be required to hand over preferred stock of equal value to that government

9 votes · 8 months ago

Taking things away from your children contradicts the notion of unconditional love you tell them you have for them.

6 votes · 8 months ago

Shooting should not be a sport in the Olympics

7 votes · 8 months ago

White privilege is real, but it needs a new name.

0 votes · 8 months ago

The notion of "if people walked out of their closets and openly expressed their racism or sexism" is unhelpful and wrong.

2 votes · 8 months ago

A huge proportion of speech libertarians are closet conservatives who realize that embracing libertarianism insulates them from social critique and provides them a safe space for their conservatism.

3 votes · 8 months ago

Reddit is one of the most toxic communities on the Internet

10 votes · 8 months ago

Women have more sexual power and more sexual capital than men, in general

1 votes · 8 months ago

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