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Positly is all about tracking opinions. It's not about being right or wrong but getting an understanding of what different people believe and think.

Should all poker machines have a $1 per spin limit?

164 votes · 6 months ago

Do you support a legal change to recognise same-sex marriage?

164 votes · 6 months ago

Should up to 10 plebiscite questions be asked at each federal election, as per the rules above?

157 votes · 6 months ago

Should Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples be recognised in the constitution?

154 votes · 6 months ago

Should a committee separate from government oversee conditions in mandatory detention centres?

150 votes · 6 months ago

Should political donations be limited to $100 per Australian citizen or organisation each year?

152 votes · 6 months ago

Do you support tax cuts for the wealthiest 25 per cent of Australians?

151 votes · 6 months ago

Do you believe Medicare should be a taxpayer-funded universal healthcare system?

154 votes · 6 months ago

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What is Positly?

Positly is a way to understand how people feel about your opinions. It's not about debating or being right, it's simply a means to see how widely spread an opinion is.

Then what?

Correlation. Select any number of opinions on this page and press the "correlate" button to see if there's any relationship between them

Some things don't work

The idea is currently in active development. If you're interested in contributing ideas, feedback or bug reports please visit the subreddit and join the discussion.