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We fly the United States flag at half-mast so often that it's starting to become meaningless. We should reserve it for MAJOR tragedies/assassinations/etc..

9 votes · 8 months ago

Modern nuclear power is by far the superior choice of energy production and we should fund nuclear technology on a larger scale

8 votes · 8 months ago

Rio shouldn't have been chosen to host the Olympics at all.

5 votes · 8 months ago

Every belief can be false.

3 votes · 4 months ago

It is acceptable to sample grapes at the grocery store

38 votes · 7 months ago

I often walk to do my shopping

327 votes · 7 months ago

Marvel is better than DC Comics

33 votes · 8 months ago

There is a secret society of wealthy elites manipulating world governments for their own benefit

173 votes · 7 months ago

Comics Sans is just a font and the hate it receives is irrational and overblown.

21 votes · 8 months ago

Dogs are better than cats

350 votes · 8 months ago

Wearing a T-shirt with a startup or .com logo on it is almost no different a statement than wearing an Exxon or Goldman Sachs T-shirt.

19 votes · 7 months ago

The person sitting in the middle seat on an airplane should get first priority to both of the arm rests next to their seat.

12 votes · 8 months ago

Beer is more varied than wine

10 votes · 8 months ago

Lee Harvey Oswald was not the only shooter in the JFK assassination

161 votes · 7 months ago

Pharmaceutical companies are holding back life saving medication in order to increase profits

166 votes · 7 months ago

I would rather vote for a third party candidate that is closer to my political standings rather than "the lesser of two evils"

30 votes · 8 months ago

Trump has made some good points

25 votes · 7 months ago

Basic income will *never* be implemented in the United States.

23 votes · 7 months ago

Religion cannot be compared to fairytales

18 votes · 8 months ago

Unconditional love is at best irresponsible and at worst impossible.

10 votes · 8 months ago

Americans who dislike "the two-party system" are just spinning their wheels unless they start trying to change the single-member-district/plurality-wins voting system.

7 votes · 8 months ago

Beer is better than wine

23 votes · 8 months ago

Luigi is the superior Mario Brother.

13 votes · 8 months ago

Children under 5 should not be given electronic devices like iPads to play with

192 votes · 7 months ago

I would rather live in a hot climate than a cold one

132 votes · 7 months ago

The US government had the ability to stop 9/11 but chose not to

170 votes · 7 months ago

If I'm not going to buy anything, I might as well use Adblock.

28 votes · 7 months ago

The legal drinking age of 21 is actually detrimental, causing a wave of new alcoholics.

25 votes · 8 months ago

I feel anxious when I get on a plane

132 votes · 7 months ago

Sports should only be in the Olympics if winning Olympic gold is the pinnacle of that sport

20 votes · 7 months ago

Americans should stop using the term "hero" to describe those who enlist in the military.

17 votes · 9 months ago

men should have some level of control over abortions.

17 votes · 8 months ago

In women's basketball, the hoop should be lowered.

15 votes · 7 months ago

How many swags does a fish have?

14 votes · 8 months ago

The posit reddit bot needs to handle topics

11 votes · 8 months ago

Ivory crushings / destroyings make no sense

11 votes · 7 months ago

There is nothing wrong with Overwatch's Summer Olympic crates.

9 votes · 7 months ago

The majority of the PC Master Race are hipsters who go around bullying people for liking mainstream consoles

9 votes · 8 months ago

There are no secular arguments as to why human life is more valuable than an animal life

8 votes · 8 months ago

The removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 wasn't that big of a deal

7 votes · 6 months ago

There is no objective morality. Morality is always subjective

3 votes · 5 months ago

Chilli is a good addition to a dish

131 votes · 7 months ago

Nuclear power is the only feasible way to power our civilizations in the future.

45 votes · 8 months ago

Should all poker machines have a $1 per spin limit?

164 votes · 6 months ago

Self driving cars will be on the road by 2018

21 votes · 8 months ago

Smoking weed is unhealthy

18 votes · 7 months ago

Pineapple is a valid Pizza Topping

17 votes · 7 months ago

It would be fair for Mexico to prevent Donald Trump from entering the country

191 votes · 7 months ago

Virtual reality is not yet ready for mainstream consumers

132 votes · 7 months ago

A government has no right to kill its citizens i.e. capital punishment

44 votes · 8 months ago

People who complain about online "sharking" would do the same thing if they got the chance.

11 votes · 7 months ago

Joking about racial stereotypes is not racist

9 votes · 8 months ago

The effects of fracking are not well understood and it should be banned until more research is done

187 votes · 7 months ago

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